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Thad Soule

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Boston SNB

I am looking for a great friend to hang out with in the Metro West area. I am interested in going on fun dates, exploring new places, and getting to know one another. I am a full time Professional who somehow manages to enjoy listening to music, walking/hiking, nature, history, exploring the woods, museums, killing house plants, reading, recycling, learning, master planning smart growth and new urbanism developments, playing cards, arguing, shopping, knitting, certifying vernal pools, volunteering, board games, hanging out with co-workers, touring old houses, discussing everything and anything in my precious moments of free time (undoubtedly there is more, this is just a brief synopsis). I am lonely and somewhat aloof. I am smart (In my limited areas of expertise.) and goal oriented. I know most of my strengths and weaknesses, but I am continually learning more about the world around me, reshaping my hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations, and perpetual annoyance with really impatient people who stand behind me in the check out lines at the mall. Many of us are tired of the bar scene, internet personal ads, and stagnant social situations full of married people and one cannot possibly describe themselves completely in an online ad using so few words. Therefore, I challenge you take the first step, try me out in a face to face setting, and see where we can go. Drop me a line. I am hopeful that you aspire to improve the world around you and want to make life better for the places you care about and the people you love. It would be great if you asked yourself: "What motivates me? What inspirations bring me the most excitement?" and "Wow! That wild mushroom really does look like a penis." (I have my own way of finding humor in almost everything I do.) These are just some of the questions that drive me to seek companionship (except for the wild mushroom piece…). Ideally, I am looking for a true best friend. I think someone has to tolerate me, enjoy the things I do and participate in the activities that make me (us) happy. It is great to have both similar and contrasting views. It would also be nice for us to share some common goals, a sense of place, a sense of humor, a few passions, and a general curiosity about the world around us. I would also like to know more about what I want/need in a meaningful relationship and hopefully find a guy with a similar need. “I want to know what love is, I want you to show me…” And someone who enjoys 80s music. I look forward to hearing from you.